Which brands of T3 are the best
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T3 brand update

The original page is below. Since we published this there have been supply issues with some Brands and alternatives are listed on this page.


There appears to be a significant variation in the apparent strength between the various brands of T3 medication. This is probably due to differences in absorption in the body rather than differences in the amount of hormone in the tablet. A few brands that we know of and comments on them are:-

  • Cytomel made by Pfizer (was King Pharmaceutical. Now owned by Pzfier (updated 12/12).This is the main branded T3 drug in the USA against which others are compared. It is available in 5mcg, 25mcg and 50mcg doses (splitting the 50mcg tablets can be a way of saving money).
  • Generic Cytomel by Paddock. The reports from people on this generic are that they need more than when they were on branded Cytomel. One report indicated a 15% difference.
  • Generic Cytomel by Mylan, again reports are that it is subjectively weaker than King  Pharmacuiticals brand. (link updated 12/12)
  • Cynomel (Spanish spelling) from Mexico. Manufactured by Grossman Laboratories and available for private importation from some mail order pharmacies. This is very competitively priced and is reported to be as strong as Branded Cytomel but at a fraction of the price. The 25mcg tablets are scored in half and can be quartered with care. This is our "best buy" recommendation. See this link for more details
  • Cynomel from Aventis France. Another brand of cynomel. This is reportedly weaker than the branded Cytomel but is several times the price or Grossman Cytomel. It can be good for starting off on as the tablets are larger than the Grossman and are scored in quarters. It is expensive to remain on long term.
  • Tertroxin (UK and Australia). This is available in 20mcg tablets. It is reportedly weaker than branded Cytomel or Grossman Cynomel
  • Generic T3 made by Goldshield, has had good reports from one of our readers. It is not as cheap as the Grossman but worked well for her.


Val gave me this report on the various brands she's tried.

Strengths of T3 brands.. OMG I have tried almost all of them. Cynomel
from Aventis is pretty weak.

Tryotex from Mexico is a total waste of money, Update, see this link

UniPharma T3 is VERY weak,

Geneza Pharmaceuticals T3 is about the same as Unipharma,

Tiromel from Turkey is about the same as Aventis Cynomel. Update, see this link

LA Pharm T3 is OK and cheap but weaker than cynomel and about the same as Tertroxin form the UK,

So from strongest to weakest:-

Cynomel Mexico (Grossman) See this link for more details
Cytomel USA (branded)
Tertroxin UK
LA Pharma (not sure where from)
Aventis Cynomel
others not worth buying! Update, see this link