What do you mean by "Tissue Resistance"
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Tissue resistance to thyroid hormone is just what it says it is, there are normal amounts of Free T3 in the blood and yet the body behaves as though it's hypothyroid. This is often caused be Reverse T3 blocking the Receptors on the cells that the T3 should stimulate.

There are causes of this other than RT3 but treating resistant hypothyroid people with Natural Thyroid (Armour Etc) or systhetic T4 leads to large doses being given. This leads to excess levels of Free T4 and that in turn leads to RT3 being produced and resistance building up. The only successful way I have heard of to treat people with other resistance is to use T3 only. I have some other form of resistance as well and had to increase my Armour dose every year until I was up at 12 grains. On T3 I have been on a constant dose for 6 months now, I am stable at last.

Since writing that my resistance has changed, both upwards and downwards and I have had to adjust my dose accordingly. My case is anything but typical. and I have added more about my unusual forms of resistance and discoveries along the journey on a separate page. (updated 12/12).