What are the causes of RT3
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Tissue resistance

The body naturally produces some RT3 and this isn't a problem in most people. The problem arises when the ratio of FT3 to RT3 sinks too low as the RT3 then gets in the way of the T3 that we need to function causing hypothyroid symptoms.

There are several causes for this ratio getting disturbed, the principal ones that we know of are:-


Ageing [12]
Burns/thermal injury[63]
Caloric restriction and fasting[64-66]
Chemical exposure[67]
Cold exposure[68]
Chronic alcohol intake[69]
Free radical load[30]
Hemorrhagic shock[70]
Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus[71]
Liver disease[31]
Kidney disease[72,73]
Severe or systemic illness[74]
Severe injury[76]
Toxic metal exposure[26-29]