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Subject: Re: [RT3_T3] Anyone here with a success story?

From: Carol Nelson <>

Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2011 11:49:57 -0800 (PST)

Yes, I am a success story although I will say there are times when a wrench gets thrown in and you have to start the climb uphill again.

For instance, I had wonderful adrenals, Rt3 gone and Ft3 where it should be. I got a bladder infection and was on an antibiotic. My adrenal were stressed, my temps went way down but thank goodness I did not put on any weight. So now I am off the antibiotic, my temps are on the way up again and I am hoping my adrenals are on the right track again.

I started this road almost 2yrs ago and it can take a while to get where you need to be but it does happen. I tried slow release T3 at first and did not do well on that. I am now on 100mcg of cytomel split 4x a day. I also tried HC for adrenals and did very poorly on that and went with dessicated adrenal for several months which worked very well. I got my energy back, lost a lot of weight and depression lifted; just some of the benefits I have experienced. I see a naturopath and she practices a lot of what we talk about here. I had been to 8 doctors before her. Four of them were endos.....a total waste of time.

It can take time but it will happen. Make sure you read all there is to read especially Nick's web page on Rt3 and our protocol. I don't have the link at hand but you can find it at the end of Nicks and I think Val's posts.