Unexpected benefits
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Bending down
Back pain
Sex Hormones
Sleep Quality
Stomach Pain
Late Puberty

When we finally get to the bottom of what's causing the hypo symptoms we have been suffering from the fog lifts from your mind and you can think again and have energy. This page is about more than that, it's about the unexpected.

Janie's list of hypo symptoms is an interesting list. The ones below are from my experience and those of other people on the RT3 list.


If you have any more then please let me have them and lets try and create a comprehensive list of "unexpected improvements":-

Easier bending down. It's become much easier to pick things up from the floor!!

Back Pain. This was a posting on the yahoo RT3 Group that caught my attention.

Sex Hormone levels. This is not directly T3 related but is a very powerful posting from Val on the effects of other hormone levels. There are strong interactions between T3 and other sex hormones so I put it in here as a reminder of just how important hormone balance is. It's often impossible to get sex hormones balanced until Thyroid levels are right

Emotional Width. A strange increase in the span of emotions that I feel, I'm sure it was T3 related, This one took 6 months to happen.

Bunions, They went after 30 years

Gastric Reflux, Large improvements in digestion have been reported

Sleep Quality I wake more rested than I did on Armour

Stomach pain a thing of the past for this poster on the RT3 list.

Endometriosis, a strong relationship between Endometriosis and Thyroid

Bullying and Late/early puberty. Unexpected connections. My story  (updated 12/12)