Treating Iron
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You have had the iron panel and realised you have low iron as well as being hypo, you have 2 main options now.

If it's very low the quick but expensive way of raising it is Iron Infusions of which Venofer is the most common. This is very successful and will allow you to treat low iron quickly and to tolerate thyroid meds that you desperately need much sooner. If your Ferritin is under 15 or other iron labs are very low this is the way to go. The down side is that it is expensive and you need a Dr to Prescribe it and a hospital with an IV treatment centre, or an infusion centre to administer it. It is a fight to get it but can be well worth it.

The normal way of treating low iron is oral supplementation (available without prescription). The side effects of this can be severe constipation and people on the RT3 group have found the least constipating iron around comes from Blue Bonnet. The readily available UK equivalent is Solgar Gentle Iron

The recommended way of taking iron to build up levels as fast as possible is to build up slowly over a week or two to let your digestion get used to the added iron and take the iron twice a day. You are aiming to ramp up to 150mg to  200mg of elemental iron a day which is 8 of these capsules a day. You need to build up to this dose over a week or two letting your digestion settle at each dose level before increasing. We have found that if you take several grams of vitamin C with each dose of iron that it both helps absorption and helps counter the constipation that iron can cause. These iron capsules are available from health food shops, pharmacies, and web resources like Iherb. It can take several months to bring iron up to a suitable level and you must remember to stop supplementing iron 5 days before lab tests