Stomach Pain
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Subject: [RT3_T3] stomach aches disappeared on T3
From: Miriam M
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2009 15:49:41 -0800 (PST)

After suffering excruciating stomach aches while on synthroid, then levoxyl, and my doc sending me for endoscopy (which of course I wouldn't submit to, because I was convinced my tummy pains were caused by the T4), it is now a week that I'm off of levoxyl and only on T3, and there isn't a shred of a tummyache left!
The GI had given me something for acid, or idunowhat, and I KNEW IN MY HEART OF HEARTS that the levoxyl was slowing down my GI system, so I refused treatments he recommended, and sure enough, now a week on cytomel and not one tummyache! Now tell me, who should be wearing the white coat! hey, next time I go to a doc, I'm donning a white coat! Letsee doc's

I then asked if I could put it here and she replied

Subject: Re: [RT3_T3] stomach aches disappeared on T3
From: Miriam M
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2009 06:17:05 -0800 (PST)

Please do! I'm wondering if others have had this stomach upset on T4-only, and whether it was resolved when eliminating T4 and getting onto T3. I am literally overjoyed; after 6 months of stomach pains and being told it must be either in my head or some ulcer in my stomach, or a hernia, and all of a sudden after being on cytomel (and off synthroid/levoxyl) for a week ALL THE STOMACH ACHES HAVE TOTALLY DISAPPEARED! Come meet me in person and you'll see for yourself! Every time I'd see a doc, go to a class, meet with friends or family, I was writhing in pain, and always got comments: what's with your stomach? I always answered that I think it's my levoxyl. But people laughed it off and said, ''that's how sensitive you are?!"

Anyway, enjoying my pain-free tummy!