Starting from scratch or T4
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The routine is the same whether you are on a T4 containing medication or not on any medication. Start low and work up.

If you are on T4 meds then stop them completely and take T3 the next day, the dosing is the same as if you were not on anything as the T4 decays slowly and it will take weeks to get out of your system completely.

A suggested starting dose is 12.5 per day split into 2 doses. These should be taken morning upon waking and just after lunch.

After 3 or 4 days of this you can have have your first increase provided you have felt no ill effects. The things to watch for are a pulse which is racing, over 90 at rest, or a body temperature which is unstable or above 99F. If you get these effects don't increase yet, leave it a bit longer.

You will probably not feel the first 12.5, this is just a starter dose to see how your body reacts as some people are a lot more sensitive to it than others.

For increases and timing then go back to the main dosing page.