Sex Hormones
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Sex hormones can have a profound effect on your hormones. I learned this when I went from VERY high estrogen from Endometriosis at 27 years old, to the next day NO uterus and ovaries. Because of the early cyst they started me immediately on estrogen but I still had problems but then in 3 months my stupid cysts returned and I needed ANOTHER complete abdominal scraping to get all the endometrial tissue as it was producing it;s own hormones! Then after that surgery, I was on NO hormones for 6 months. Imagine going form very high estrogen to NONE at 27 years old. I found out EXACTLY how much hormones affect moods and personality. I beat up my blind hunk of a boyfriend . I could not believe how DUMB he really was once I no longer wanted sex.. LOL EVERYTHING HE SAID JUST MADE ME super ANGRY THEN AFTER THE TEMPER DIED I WOULD CRY FOR NO REASON.

I hated the world and everything in it. I stopped wearing make up, I stopped wearing anything but sweat pants and baggy T-shirts . My house became a mess as I had no desire to clean it. (no nesting instincts! which are low progesterone) I no longer felt ANY joy in anything I used to. My horse became barn shy as I never rode him any more. I ended up kicking the boyfriend out of the house and living alone with a room mate for a year till I got back on Premarin again after  trying every bio-identical estrogen out there and them not working for me.  Then I SLOWLY go back to how I used to be, but it took a long time.

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