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Hi Nanci

You know my story but I thought for the sake of the group I would tell you that things did not get better until about the 13th week when I had clearance. Now (week 15) all the sore joints are gone, even my Frisbee throwing elbow and the pain in my left arm that I was afraid was a rotator cuff problem
needing surgery, it is all gone. I do seem to have a headache most mornings and still feel a bit groggy but my sleep is so much better now that I take 25 mcg before I go to sleep. It is remarkable.

It has been my experience that you need to hang in there, get on the Cynomel, increase according to symptoms, decrease according to symptoms, take the Celtic Sea Salt and lots of it, magnesium (Jigsaw is working really well for me) and potassium and trust that things will get better. I wish I could tell
you that you will instantly feel better but the road along the way is a bit like a Minnesota highway after a hard winter, full of potholes and more than just a bit rough.