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Sent: Thursday, December 8, 2011 9:36 PM

Subject: [RT3_T3] Re: Thank you to this forum!!!!

Hello all here!

I just wanted to post a heartfelt thanks to everyone on this board, with a particular shout out to Val and Anne and Nick....

I am pretty much convinced that I would not be alive today had it not been for stumbling on this forum, asking a lot of questions, receiving vast and deep answers to seemingly endless questions, and well, learning how to live with this disability...

I wish I could report I am A.O.K 100% cured of all the drama that the RT3 hypo scene has brought to my life...but I can't. And we all know; it' s a journey.

The hair still falls out occasionally, but it IS growing back and I'm not bald.

The weight is still a struggle. The blood pressure is still up and down. Sleep is difficult and I do still have cold issues now and then...

On the up side, my feet don't hurt. I've lost a few, (sigh but only a few) pounds, my skin is totally clear (thank you sea buckthorn) and I do sleep BETTER...and my mood, my god my mood is so hugely improved! Thank you T-3. Thank you RT3 forum.

What I understand that I did not a year ago when I first found you folks is that this seems to be a life long problem and that it is all about management.

Through these boards I've found sage advice, wisdom, and friendship far and near (how's that cousin's garden Anne?) And I wanted to get back on here while I feel good and say a big time thanks to all who helped me out and had patience with it all. Without you folks I'd still be sitting on my bathroom floor with gobs of hair in my hand, crying like a baby.

Today, I have specific weapons in my arsenal to deal with these fluctuations...and I know I can.

I wanted to post mainly because when I was first on here, it seemed like people vanished when they "got well" and didn't check back in to say, hey it's still going well or what have you.

I hope you all know what glorious folks you are...and while I can't say I'm ready to get out of your collective hair just yet...I'm so very thankful that you've all been there for me and helped me keep my own!

Much love, happy solstice to all.