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My average temps have been bouncing between 97.8 and 98 for the past two to three weeks. I felt awful and ached all over. I was going to speak with Val but figured I was only a week away from the magic 12 week mark of ST3 therapy - so I waited. Yesterday (Sunday) I was running cold all day. But around 8pm I noticed I felt warm. A check of the temp gave 98.3. This is great I thought, but tomorrow I'll be cold again.

Today (Monday) my temp was at 98.3 all day. I finished dinner and watched some TV. I again noticed I felt warmer - checked the temp and it gave 98.6. I never thought I'd see the day. My temps never stayed about 98.0 for more a two or three hours and today they have been above that all day.

I felt compelled to share this in hopes it will encourage others to stick with it. My issues began after treatment for Lyme. It was Levaquin that caused the RT3 and adrenal issues for me. I'm blessed to have a doctor open minded enough to treat for adrenal issues and Wilson's - she's also willing to allow
me to take high doses (in her mind) of ST3.

THANKS VAL!! I'm grateful for your wisdom and dedication. My doc wanted me to cycle many weeks ago but I kept the dose of ST3 steady as you suggested and bingo - I'm warm again.

I'm on 120mcg of ST3, and 22mg of HC (10,7,5). I stopped taking a night dose about two weeks ago because it started to keep me up at night.

I plan on getting tested again next week to see where I'm at.