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Subject: [RT3_T3] Re: Thought for the day on Iron

From: Jan <XXXXX@yahoo.com>

Date: Fri, 11 May 2012 07:16:36 -0700 (PDT)

Dear group, Nick and Val,

Reading Nicks letter helped to motivate me to write. I had been wanting to for sometime now. I feel GREAT!!!!!

I found this group out of frustration. I was dead tired, gaining weight and severely depressed with a whole lot of other symptoms mixed in. Both of my parents had died a couple of years earlier. I had gone through a multitude of events that kicked me in the stomach over and over again until I wanted to die.

My Dr put me on depression meds first. It worked for a while then stopped.

He then put me on female hormones it worked for a little while then stopped...

He then ran tests for adrenal and thyroid. Adrenals came back high at night, thyroid fine but on bottom of scale. He put me on 1/4 grain natural thyroid. and a suppliment for adrenals. Worked for a while then stopped. We increased thyroid med to 1/2 grain worked for a while then stopped. We tested my thyroid he didn't tell me not to take meds that morning and tests came back great. I noticed when I increased the meds I felt great so I kept increasing and kept feeling better. I told my Dr and he freaked out on me. We tested my thyroid and tests came backfine .

Then it didn't work again. You can see the pattern and I worked my way up to 5 grains of medication and still to no avail. I started my own research and found this group August of 2010. I told my Dr. and we ran the reverse T3 tests and he said I was fine. Then I found the ratios on the group and I wasn't even close to being fine I came in at 11. I taught my Dr how to read the test results and how to figure out the ratio. He agreed to allow me to do T3 only.

By the time my T3 cleared I felt great, I lost all of the weight, I was sooooooooo happy!!!My energy shot through the roof. I believeI was up to 112.5 mcg. My Free T3 test done to the proper protocal came back at 5.5. Great!!! It was Oct of 2010. I had been supplimenting iron because my iron was low. I took 200mg per day. All was well.

After a while I started symptoms of shaking, breathlessness, my weight started to come back. I was hot. My tests still showed my iron was somewhat low, my T3 was up to about 6.

We checked my aldosterone and it came back at 2 which is below acceptable. I started Florinef, potassium and sea salt with water. My blood pressure was very low in th 90's over 60's..

Val thought it was my cortisol being low. Remember I tested high. When My Dr. tested me I was on depression meds which will give a false high cortisol reading. My DR didn't know that. Great! Gee what else didn't he know???

My boyfriend was on Prednisone at this time so I sampled his medication and felt total relief!!! My blood pressure came up a little. I was taking 5 mg in the morning plus 2.5 mg at 2:00. I was down to 75 mcgs of T3. I felt so much better!!! I had slowly worked my way back up to 100 mcg of T3 and I had run aroutine iron test and was notified of an emergency. My feritin shot up over 500 and all other levels went very high too. I gave blood and stopped taking iron. Apparently I had an iron dump(if there is such a thing)when my cortisol levels improved. I tested my iron levels a couple weeks later and I was fine again.

I gained about 20 pounds was not allowed to be very active and after a while I decided to ween slowly of of the prednisone. It's now about October of 2011 a year and two months since I started with this group. In December I was off all Prednisone I was taking 100 mcg of T3 daily and had weened off of everything including female hormones. I felt alright. I though about my iron levels and thought maybe I should take just a little. I was low to begin with and I didn't want my iron to interfere with my progress so I took 50 mg and after about 3 days I felt much better. I felt the urge to workout again.

I ordered Turbofire which is a pretty strenuous workout. NO biggie I used to do tough workouts I can again! I noticed when I was working out my breathing was difficult. This never happened before when I used to workout. I had to stop put my hands on my knees and I was gasping for breath. I got on the internet and researched high levels of T3 and breathlessness. Turns out it is a symptom so I reduced my T3 to 75mcgs again and continued my workout program and after about 3 days(magic number)I could breath again while working out. I slowly increased my T3 meds and could only go as high as 81.25 before I became breathless again. Oh my God I was feeling really good!!!

After a month the weight was coming off. It's 4 months later I have lost 20 lbs. I'm back into my size 4 skinney jeans. The definition and muscles are coming back. I feel so good I could kiss the sky!!! If it hadn't been for my tough workout, the kind with heavey aerobics and plyometrics which really make you expend your energy I wouldn't have found my proper level of T3 meds.

I always heard if your on too much T3 you lose weight. Not so with me I gained weight. So for all of you who have the proper cortisol and iron levels. Maybe you don't workout, maybe you still have weight gain, hair loss etc. it might not be because your thyroid is low sometimes you can be on too much thyroid meds with those symptoms. It happened to me. Pay special attention to your breathing with excertion. How do you feel when you walk up hill fast? Can you catch your breath? Try running up and down your stairs several times. Can you catch your breath? You should be winded but not to the extreme were your doubled over.

I can tell you it's been about 8 years since I felt this good. Sometimes you can read too much into something. It's your body, we are all different, the signs are there you have to find them. You need to pay attention to you. Again we are all different. Good luck to all of you. I hope each day that goes by I will not slip back to where I was and if I do I will slowly catch my breath again...I am determined to feel the best that I can for me!

With much respect, Jan