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The question is often asked whether thyroid patients should take Iodine. This can be beneficial BEFORE you are on thyroid treatment but, once you are on any thyroid hormone replacement, it is more likely to cause problems than help. Val has this to say about Iodine:-

Iodine stimulates the thyroid. If you have Hashi's this can stimulate
auto-immune attack. It has been known to CAUSE Hashi's in people that
did not have it. This is the flip side that the iodine proponents will
not tell you. Japan has the highest incidence per capita of Hashimoto's
Disease, they also have the highest intake of iodine in the world..
coincidence? If you are taking thyroid hormones you are taking iodine
in proper amounts. More can cause hyper symptoms ( called detox symptoms
by people pushing iodine) or hypo symptoms. It can cause thyroid LABS to
be inaccurate. One never knows which way labs will go when taking
iodine. If your thyroid is ABLE to process it make hormones, it will
make T4 from it. If you have RT3 it will make MORE of it. OK I am done.
Now they will hate me even more on the iodine group that I helped to found.