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T3 is a pretty benign medication in terms of taking it with other things.  You can also take T3 sublingually and this avoids any interaction. The Grossman Cynomel is easy to take like this.

  • The absorption does not vary as much when you take it with food as T4 meds do so you seem to be able to take it with food OK.
  • There is no interaction with Hydrocortisone, you can take it at the same time if you are on HC.
  • Iron does affect absorption, although T3 absorbs MUCH faster than Armour or T4, Taking iron even an hour after T3 is fine but at least 4 hours before the next dose. It takes about 4 hours to absorb the iron so it is not waiting in the digestive tract to disrupt the T3. So T3 1 hour BEFORE Iron or 4 hours AFTER iron. Vitamin C may be taken with Iron, other things should be separated.
  • You can take T3 1 hour BEFORE calcium or three hours AFTER it. The Calcium in a multivitamin is normally too low to be a problem