Happy Arrival
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A common fallacy that you hear is that T3 does not pass through the placenta and that you MUST have T4 if you are pregnant. This is normally from the same people that say T3 does not pass into the brain either and we know they are wrong. We recently had a happy arrival on the group

Just a quick announcement that our baby boy was born early Thursday morning (a
week overdue). He weighed 8lbs., 8 oz. and was 20 inches long. Ended up having
a hospital birth and my O.B. gave me a 100mg shot of HC once during labor and
then again the next day, which was a relief. Didn't ever mention or order my
thyroid meds or HC after that but I was able to help myself to what I brought in
my room. Thanks for all of your help, Val, I am so happy to have a healthy