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Graves disease (Autoimmune Hyperthyroid) leaves people with excessive levels of T4 produced by their own thyroid. The body resists this excess by producing RT3 which counter acts the T3 being produced and protects the body in this way. Unfortunately after the Hyperthyroid is treated (leaving the patient HyPO), whether chemically or with surgery/RAI the body is then left in a state where receptors are blocked and the T4 that the medical profession insist on giving hypo people cannot get thyrough to the cells. The body is stuck in "protecting itself from hyper" mode leaving the patient hypo at a cellular level even when TSH and FT4 are normal.

Again the solution is to go onto T3 only the way we treat all RT3 issues, this leads to receptor clearance after 12 weeks or so as the RT3 is "starved out" once you stop making new RT3 from T4.