Dr Lowe
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This message came to the group from Dr Lowe's Wife. He was a great man doing wonders for health all over the world



Subject: [RT3_T3] A Special Memorial Tribute for Dr. John C. Lowe

From: Diane Blecha <xxxxxx@yahoo.com>

Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2012 09:51:36 -0800 (PST)

A Special Tribute to my Husband,Dr. John C. Lowe1/22/1946- 1/9/2012by Tammy Lowe Itis with deep sadness and a broken heart that I write this letter to inform you that Dr. John C. Lowe died suddenly January 9, 2012 due to complicationsfollowing a head injury that he sustained on November 14, 2011.

I've spent the last few days searching for the right words to share this news and to honor the man that I have known and loved for the majority of my life, but thewords seem so small and insubstantial to the man that he was.

One only has to read the many pages of www.drlowe.com, www.thyroidscience.com, www.thyroidscience.us and www.fibromyalgiaresearch.org to know that John'spassion and dedication to the field of thyroidology and fibromyalgia was hisreason for getting up every day and spending countless hours boldly offering his strong opinions in the field.

There were no vacations in our life together,no tee times on the golf course, no boating on the beautiful waters or walks onthe sandy beaches in Florida where we live. His happiest moments were spent atthe desk he loved, surrounded by his many well read, tattered books, and typing the words that would eventually make their way to the websites for his readers to find them.

They say a genius is someone of great intelligence and I do believe that John was agenius in his field. His greatest magnum opus, of course, was The Metabolic Treatment of Fibromyalgia,the textbook that took him 10 years to write. Imagine the dedication to complete such a task.

In the final months since his head injury - John was able to accomplish several things despite impaired vision in his right eye and a broken collar bone. Heproudly completed a forward to a book titled 'Recovering with T3' by PaulRobinson and a forward for the book, The Hormone Zone, by Dr. John Robinson. He also conducted an interview for Dr. Mark Swanson that will soon be published.And finally, he was also working to complete his own book, 'Safely Getting Well With Thyroid Hormone' and was preparing to have it in print within a few weeks.

The website's will remain as they are. His compassionate words will still be there.

I will try to find the newsletter that he was working on and send it (incomplete or finished by my hand). The Thyro-gold will also continue to be available.John believed in it so strongly. I will try to find the clinical trial resultsand post them for the benefit of those who rely on the product. There are so many documents that he was writing that remain unfinished but I will do my best to sort through them and share them when I can.

Whatfinal words can I offer to you all at this sad time? For those of you who knew him personally, who spoke with him on the phone, who met him face-to-face,shook his hand or offered a hug in gratitude - you will join our daughter Michele and me in sorrow as we face this tragic loss together. For those of youwho never had the privilege to know my husband personally, but read hiswritings, just know that he believed in his research and hoped that someday the TSH testing would be abandoned as the standard practice for thyroid health andthat healthcare would return to the science-based treatment that it should be. Remember the scientist that he was and continue to share his work with otherswho need it. Remember his voice for those who felt they were never heard whenthey were in need of direction. Remember the extraordinary man that he was andhelp me maintain his everlasting presence.