Can you show me where Doctors agree with this?
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Dr Holtorf is one of the leading practicioners in the field of RT3 and his web site is well worth reading

Dr Holtorf's interview with Mary Shamon

This site is by Kent Holtorf and is intended for medical professionals, it's useful but can be heavy reading if you have brain fog.


The following was a posting on the RT3 list talking about trying to sell your Dr the fact that you need to go onto T3 only for a while

Ok, when posing something to your doctor- put him on the defensive, not you. Make him give you a valid argument why You should NOT go on T3 only. Doctors aren't God, they are your science advisors, that's it.
(My emphasis,  I love that)

When it comes down to it, tell him you are uncomfortable with your current regimen and would like to try the one suggested....look him in the eye and ask him to give you a valid reason you should NOT - I will assure you he has none.

Tell him you don't believe you are able to metabolise the SRT3 (I hope that's what you meant) and you probably aren't'. I got up to 130mcg of SRT3 and might as well of spent the money on shoes and drank water.It did nothing for me- except leave me VERY hypoT.I have absorption issues in my tummy anyways so I have to take cytomel sublingually.

Hope this helps!! Oy doctors get on my nerves!!