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ok:), that is good news. i was hoping to not have to worry about adjusting florinef. i will post my rbc potassium when it comes in, but i suppose it is a moot point, as i'm guessing it wont affect any course of action. anyway THANK YOU VAL, i am SO happy to finally feel normal again. i am a little reluctant to actually say that out loudLOL; i feel like if i say it i will jinx myself and it will all go away. 125-137.5mcg t3 per day, dosed three times throughout the day...50, 37.5, 50.  No hc, just adaptogens. lots of good sea salt and other supplements. despite the last issue i have to hammer out---low sex hormones---i am feeling wonderful again. and i never thought i'd get there. i owe it all to you and the wonderful people who help you keep these sites running. you are gifted and you are a blessing in so many many peoples lives. i cant even imagine keeping up with all that you do, but thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing it. i know it is a journey and there most likely will be more lows, but as of this moment, i consider myself a success story:) thank you