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Subject: [RT3_T3] This is truly a miracle! Thank you Val & Nick!!!!!
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2010 03:02:52 -0000

I have to write this to thank you Val and Nick for this group and Nick's site and for the other moderators who keep this groups going...Marjorie, you have been a big help also! Val, you were right, I cut my dose back a bit and today my pulse is fine.

I know so many of you out there are having a tough time in hanging in there waiting for clearance and struggling with the various compliacted issues we all have to deal with in striving for optimum
treatment. I know you get discouraged and frustrated and just plain impatient to be well! It took me 14 and 1/2 weeks to clear and during the last couple of weeks it was really rough. But i cleared finaly
yesterday (at day 100 on T3 only) and today I am more "normal" in temps and pulse than i have ever been in my entire adult life!!! I have been at 98.5 from mid afternnon today through around 10 PM
hitting 98.6 around supper time. It is dipping ony slightly now as it is 10:40 down to 98. My pulse which was a bit high yesterday when I first cleared is now hovering around 91. I can't believe it! My temps
were in the tank before i started. I was lucky if i saw the 97s, and sometimes dropped into the 95's. My daily basal temp was around 96.4 and my pulse 65 before starting the T3. I had been on about 5 grains
of NDT and even before the RT3 issue my temps were never as good as they are now.

My doctor only knew about T3 only treatment from the Wilson's protocol. When i asked to go on T3 only treatment back in April when I suspected an RT3 problem he said no because my T3 was too high. I printed out every page from Nick's site and armed with my ratio of about 8 and the info from Nick's site I went back in may and finaly convinced him by June to try the multi-dosing of T3 only. Thankfully
he is a very open-minded doctor and trusts me! He actually was glad to learn about this and not like some dcos who would say, "I'm the doc, who do you think you are?". So even though he is over 2 hours from me i have stuck with him. If your doc won't listen try to get him to read all the info on Nick's site. you of course have to read it yourself   and understand it to win your doc over. If your Doc won't budeg find another one or self treat! you owe it to yourself to do this if you have an RT3 problem this is the only thing that is going to work. Yes, it is a long road, but you will have to live through the 3 months or
more it takes anyway and not be getting any better and just postponing your good health. So you might as well start as soon as your adrenals can support it, and not sit on the fence debating what to do!!! Get
your iron and ferretin and B12 and D3 etc all checked, test your adrenals....and just get started!! it took me 3 months to convince my doc, then 3 1/2 months to clear. If i hadn't done this then i would
still be wasting my money on thyroid meds that won't work since my receptors were blocked with RT3. I feel like I just crossed the atlantic to freedom! I am hopeful that I can start to regain my life
in so many ways. i know it won't happen instantly, but at least now the meds have a chance to work so there is hope!

I keep pinching myself to see if this is real! I can't believe it every time I take my temp and it is normal!!! A real milestone for me! I texted my doc who is on vacation in Isreal and he texted back while on his vacation!! he is really excited!  thank you, thank you!