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To: RT3_T3@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [RT3_T3] A Success Story
Date: Wed, 12 May 2010 00:57:37 -0000

I know many people get discouraged, including me. Well, my sister has been hypo a long time. She has Hashi's and of course the docs had her on one form of t4 after another, all with terrible results. She just  finally stopped taking it after one doctor accused her of being noncompliant since her TSH didn't come down. Another called her a closet eater. Sigh.

This past year, she became very depressed. I know she really isn't into health stuff, but I gave her a bottle of Cynomel and just asked her to try it. She has high cortisol, so I knew low cortisol problems wouldn't be an issue. She started at 1 pill, then 1 pill twice a day and now she's taking 2 pills twice a day, so 100 mcg. Since her cortsiol isn't low, she can handle this dosing schedule. (And she wouldn't go for mult-dosing anyway, lol).

She says she feels better than she has in years! She even went jogging the other day! I am so happy for her. I told her: "Now if only I can fix myself!"

And she actually showed the bottle to her new doc, lol! The doc said, "I can't read it; it's in Spanish." *chuckle* The doc thought it was a placebo effect and my sister was adamant she would know the difference. And then the doc wanted to do a bunch of bloodwork and asked if her thyroid showed the pills weren't doing anything, if she'd be willing to try Synthroid. My sister firmly said, "NO!"
She did the bloodwork, though, so I'm curious what will come back although the dumb doc probably did a TSH and MAYBE a ft4.

But yay for my sister! I'm so glad the t3 is helping her when the other stuff never did. The old Armour didn't even help her. I'd given her some of that to try, too.