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Headed "A partial Success Story"

Well, I know people get discourage, so I thought I'd post this. I have had a long, hard ride, but I am getting somewhere by sticking with the t3 no matter what and riding out the bumps. Well, I've been on t3 only now since January. I think my rt3 must have cleared and be at a decent level finally, because I am
holding iron, YAY!!! This has never happened before and I've been supping iron a good 3 years. Val actually told me to stop iron supps for a while. :-) I know you can't hold onto iron if your t3 is low, so I think this is a good sign! I've never been able to stay on t3 or get to a decent dose due to adrenal issues, so I'm really excited about this. Oh, yeah, and I'm feeling better, too, lol.

So hang in there to everyone who is discouraged. I am currently having to adjust my HC as apparently my needs for that, too, have now decreased, which would also be a result of clearing rt3 and getting onto enough t3 to heal the adrenals. No, it's not fun adjusting all this stuff, but I really have a lot of hope at this point.