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To: RT3_T3@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [RT3_T3] Re: success stories? anyone?
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 20:16:12 -0000


When I first discovered my RT3 problem in June 2007 it was 404, range 90-350. I could hardly move from depression and fatigue. Every little effort was colossal. I had heart palps, postural hypotension, extreme hair loss and rapid aging symptoms. I kept upping armour and not feeling anything. From the first dose onward to 6 grains I didn't feel anything. This was before I got on HC. I traded to all T3, went on an adrenal rebuilding protocol, raised my pathetic ferritin level, cut out gluten and followed more of a Paleo diet. It was a daily, non-stop, give it everything effort. Unfortunately, in order to succeed, I was forced to drastically narrow my life's activities to only the most necessary. This meant saying No over and over again. Didn't feel right, but it's what I had to do. No I can't go, No I can't do that for you or with you..... no, no, no.... many days I just laid around unable to do anything at all.

After a year on T3 only I weaned off T3 and onto NT. About 6 weeks later I could feel the RT3 problem returning, so I ran for a ferritin test and found it was slipping into the low 50's. Once I jumped onto higher iron I was able to tell the RT3 was receding by anemia type symptoms diappearing. Wheewww. It's been a year of doing really well on 2 1/2 grains of NT. Not only this, after 3 years on replacement levels of HC I weaned off in April right after trading to NT and haven't looked back. My adrenals healed.

I believe my main causes of af, hypo and high RT3 were poor digestion and low mineral levels, primarily ferritin. The only thing out of my bouquet of health issues I still struggle with is slipping ferritin. I stay on top of it by testing every month.

As for exercise I never thought I would be able to workout again. Not so. Walking 3 miles a day at a steady clip is simply no problem. It's as if I never had adrenal fatigue. My digestion, with the help of HCL and enzymes, is the way it should be. My own HCL didn't not fully return with mineral repletion and NT.

It's a long road. Much longer than we could imagine when we start. I can say that I am one who feels really good and normal. Take heart and learn as much as you can about what is going on. Most of us end up with a complete education by the time we get well.