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Subject: [RT3_T3] AN adrenal Thyroid success story!
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2009 09:10:43 -0500

This is from Cathy a member of the adrenals group, just thought I would
share a ray of hope to all struggling members.

I never thought I would see the day that I would write this letter to all of you who are suffering. There were many ups and downs before it finally "stuck" and I was afraid to jinx myself by writing about this a month or two ago when I finally felt better and stayed that way. There are a couple of residual problems that tick me off such as my legs still get "funny" and my balance is off when I walk across wide open places like a parking lot or Home Depot and I do feel spaced out at times but who cares????? I have my life back! I sleep really well, in fact, better than I have in 10 years. I have the feeling that I can't wait to get up in the morning and start my day!

My depression is gone although I am still a little "sensitive" when things don't go my way. I remember Val saying that when I cleared RT3 my depression would just disappear suddenly and that's what happened! I have to say that there were MANY dark days when I used to beg my husband to shoot me, I was so sick. When I did not want to get out of bed because there was nothing to look forward to, when the days just went on and on and on. I NEVER think that way anymore.

No more air hunger, no more sinking feeling, no more anxiety or panic, my heart palps have lessened considerably. I can drive myself anywhere I want to go WITHOUT my husband! I actually had enough energy to have a Christmas Party this year. I can get up early and, if I have company, I can stay up late. All the time I am walking further and further (farther?). I am going to finally start riding my new bike and adding in light exercising.

The bad thing is that while I was sick I was VERY strict on my low carb diet but now that I feel good I am eating whatever I want and I have noticed that I ache all over now and I believe that is from reintroducing grains and sugar to my diet. I am going to stop eating that stuff again. IT IS NOT WORTH IT! At least I know now what had caused that in the past so I know what to do. I have lost 40 pounds in the past year and now can wear cute clothes.

My sinus problems and awful dryness have gone. I have also learned how many people really care about me. So many people have told me they were praying for me, that they missed me, how much they counted on my uplifting spirit BEFORE I got sick and how happy they are that I am well. I knew this from my friends but these are neighbors and acquaintances. I had no idea!

I felt like you do. I was crazy squirrely when I first got on the group. I drove Val, Diane and Patty crazy but I am so thankful they stuck it out with me. I could not see that I might feel better. I thought it was the end and I'd never be happy or productive or fun or creative again. I thought I would never smile again. (or sleep or breathe normally).

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that my eyebrows were sticking out all over the place and I thought it was some old lady thing and it was irritiating me that I had to trim them when I realized....MY EYEBROWS WERE GROWING BACK IN! Now I am excited to have wild eyebrows. It is all in your PERSPECTIVE.

Before I got sick I was always "regular", 2 or 3 times a day (sorry for the detail). When I was sick I was lucky if it was once a day. Now I am back to my old self again!

I also notice that all of the little detail things that used to happen to me that I would post, freaking out about another symptom, those things didn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. I drove myself nuts with little details and symptoms. I think this is part of the adrenal thing. It makes you hyper-alert and hyper-sensitive to every change.

I am trying to remember everything. I was afraid all of the time. Everything would scare me. My mind would never shut off, especially at night, it would just go on and on with songs, conversations I had or should have had, endless scary thoughts. Everything seemed sad, I could not have a positive thought. That is all gone now. Oh yeah, the numbness in different parts of my body. Sometimes I get it once in a while but it used to be my hands, feet, toes, sides of my arms, bridge of my nose, my ears............YECCH!!!!

I hope this helps you all. You don't think you will get well but you will. I never really believed Val because of how sick I was but she will keep encouraging you even though it must be really difficult for her sometimes. She is amazingly patient. Diane and Patty were too. I am so thankful now for my life!!!!
Wishing All Goodness for You,


Valerie Taylor Artistic Grooming- Hurricane WV